5 Easy Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

By April 14, 2017Auto Maintenance

Spring is upon us — and spring cleaning isn’t just for your home!

Despite the mild winters we enjoy here in OC, there are temperature changes that can affect our car. And whether you own a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW or something else, longevity is key. So here are some easy things you can do to “spring clean” your car, keep up the resale value, and keep it running smoothly and safely for years to come.

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

1. Get a good wash.

We’re talking inside and out. During the winter months, especially if you’ve traveled to Big Bear or anywhere else with winter weather, the road salt or sand, slush and grime that has accumulated on your car’s exterior can cause scratches and corrode the paint. So get a really thorough hand wash, and treat your car to a polish too. That will help protect the exterior for the rainy days of spring. Note: paste or liquid wax are more effective than spray waxes.

Now, don’t neglect the interior of your car! That same salt, sand, dirt and grime gets into your rug and seats and can damage the fabric. (Not to mention all those little coffee spills and crumbs!) A thorough vacuum and a nice steam clean or professional interior shampoo job will make your car feel (and smell!) like new again.

2. Rinse the underbody.

Corrosion from the salt, grime, etc. mentioned above can rust the underside of your car, which is more than just aesthetics. This can damage the brakes and other systems and actually make driving unsafe, while leading to some costly repairs. Avoid this by simply taking a hose and thoroughly rinsing your car’s underbody.

Now, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, pop the hood and take a wet, soapy washcloth and wipe the engine. Remove any debris that’s accumulated under the hood as well. Since you’re there, that reminds me — you might want to make an appointment for an oil change, oil filter replacement, and battery check.

3. Change your wiper blades.

Spring is usually our rainy season. There’s nothing like being caught in a downpour with shoddy wiper blades. It’s annoying AND dangerous!

4. Check your tire pressure.

Colder temperatures cause your tire pressure to lower, which can affect driveability and cause uneven tire wear. Check out our post about why tire pressure is so important.

If you scheduled a maintenance with your mechanic, have them check your wheel alignment also, especially if you took your car up to Big Bear or have driven in any winter conditions.

5. Top off your fluids.

Washer fluid is important, as you know living in Orange County. You’ve got the morning dew which combines with the dust from the day before, and produces a lovely paste on your windshield.

Coolant will be important also as the spring and summer temps set in — want to make sure your A/C works well and your car doesn’t overheat! Check out our post about what to do if your car overheats. Also read about how to find and fix a coolant leak.

Call JL Motorworks for help getting your car spring-ready!