BMW Repairs & Preventative Maintenance

By June 15, 2016BMW

Did you know that every year in the US there are more than 10,000 car accidents and some 400 Americans die in them? All too often, the cause is linked to failure to have routine maintenance done the cars.

Cars are the most popular means of transportation in the United States, and about 90% of adult Americans own or have owned one. By keeping your BMW in good condition you can reduce the risk of easy to fix problems causing an accident that could seriously injure you, your passengers or people in other cars — or worse.

Before hitting the road, you should check the following items regularly:

1. Your BMW Tires: Lots of BMW have all season tires on them. Whatever kind of tire you use on your BMW, it is important to regularly check them. Check for air levels, flats, leaks, worn spots, overuse, and low treads. Just inspect your BMW tires weekly.

2. Your BMW Wipers: You should change your BMW windshield wipers at least twice a year, or every six months — whichever comes first.

3. Your BMW Brakes: You need your BMW brakes to actually slow your car down when you press on them, right? If you press on your BMW brake pedal and it goes all the way to the floor, you need to have them checked. They are way too low for factory BMW specs.

Newer BMWs may have a brake warning system in the automatically let you know when there is a problem with your brakes. It is usually found on your dashboard and will light up if it finds a problem with the BMW brake system.

This BMW check engine light indicator will let you know it is time to have a BMW mechanic check out the brake system unless you are handy enough to fix it yourself. Check your BMW owners manual to see what your specific problem may be.

4. Your BMW Headlights: Can you believe that in the year 2005, more than 2,300 pedestrians died because some drivers had problems with either their headlights or their vision? You should replace your BMW lights every year.

Our Top 10 Reasons for Visits to the BMW Mechanic

  1. Electronic/Ignition control
  2. Electrical problem
  3. Suspension/steering
  4. Brake system
  5. Oil change/filters/lube
  6. Radiator problem
  7. Exhaust system
  8. Fuel system/carburetor
  9. Clutch/transmission
  10. Air conditioning system

Keeping up with routine checkups and BMW maintenance can be expensive. That is the most common reason that lots of people don’t keep up with the maintenance as suggested in their BMW owners manual. You can find ways to save money on BMW auto repairs.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) confirmed that $20 billion was spent on auto repairs that were not necessary due to fraud and incompetence. Here are some simple tips for you to show you how you can afford BMW repairs when you need to have them done.

1. Preventive Maintenance: This can save you a lot of money during the life of your BMW. It will prevent serious damage that can be done to your BMW by letting little problems become big ones. Read your BMW owner’s manual and follow the recommended BMW servicing schedule that will keep your BMW in good shape and keep it running longer.

2. Get An Estimate: Before you let the BMW mechanic do the work your BMW needs get a written estimate. It is always good to know what you are being charged and what work will be done to your BMW. If the price he gives you sounds too high, check other BMW mechanics in your area. It is always smart to get at least three estimates before having any work done.

3. Carpooling: You should give your BMW a rest once in a while. You can try carpooling with co-workers to save your BMW some wear and tear, and you can save yourself money by sharing the cost of gas, tolls, and parking.

Don’t try to take tasks which you have no knowledge of whatsoever, but routine maintenance should be easy for you to handle. You can take a beginner mechanic course at a local high school adult center to learn exactly how to do simple BMW repairs.

You can often find the answer to your repair question in your BMW owners manual, and it will let you see if it is something you can do yourself or if your BMW needs to go to the shop for service.