7 Ways to Prepare Your BMW for Summer

By June 15, 2017BMW

Summertime, and the living’s easy…

… Unless you’re a car in a hot climate, in which case it’s not always easy. Especially if it has a big road trip in its future. The heat of summertime can be tough on any vehicle. BMWs are known for their performance and longevity, so you can reward your car and help it blaze through summer with a little TLC. Here are 7 ways to prepare your BMW for summer… and any spontaneous road trips or shenanigans that may ensue.

7 Ways to Prepare Your BMW for Summer

1. Make sure your A/C is working.

7 ways to prepare your bmw for summerNothing like going on a road trip (or even driving to work in the morning, for that matter) and your A/C quits working. Nobody wants to arrive at their destination all windblown and sweaty. It’s definitely not as sexy as they make it look in the movies.

Check to make sure the A/C is blowing out cold air and no bad odors are coming through the vents.

2. Get an oil change.

If you’re planning on putting a few thousand miles on your car during vacation, or you’re going on a road trip that will put you at or near your next oil change’s due date, get it done ahead of time. And while you’re there, have your brakes inspected, fluids topped off, and have the mechanic conduct an inspection under the hood to make sure everything looks good for your trip.

3. Check your tires.

Tire pressure is super important for safety while driving, as well as for preserving the longevity of your BMW. And remember, tire pressure changes seasonally. In hot weather, the pressure increases and can result in overinflation of the tires. This will unevenly affect the wear on your tires’ tread and can make tires more likely to pop if you hit a pothole, curb or other obstruction.

4. Top off coolant and other fluids.

Coolant helps make sure your car doesn’t overheat in the hot summer months. Other fluids like windshield wiper fluid may have been depleted during the winter months, so it’s a good idea to have all your fluids checked and refilled where needed. Click here to learn how to find and fix a coolant leak.

Click here to learn about 7 common car leaks and how to spot them.

Here’s what to do if your car overheats.

5. Get a wash and wax.

After winter, your car may have extra dirt and debris, especially if you’ve driven up to the mountains or any other areas with snow, sleet, or ice (sand and salt are often used to provide traction and improve conditions on snow and ice). A thorough wash and wax will not only have you looking smooth in your shiny ride, but it will 1) clean all the dirt off your car that can leave scratches and chip the paint, 2) get stuff out of the underside that can damage critical components of your car and affect drivability, and 3) protect your car from gathering more gunk in the summer months.

6. Look under the hood.

Check (or have your mechanic check) for any cracked, worn, or frayed hoses or belts. Also look at your battery and make sure it looks clean, not dirty, rusty, or corroded.

7. Stock up on emergency stuff.

Emergency readiness for a summertime road trip should include jumper cables, a flashlight, an inflated spare tire, a car phone charger, and a good old fashioned map (because electronics do fail sometimes). You may also want to bring along some snacks and water, in case you and/or your car overheats.

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