5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your BMW

By July 19, 2017BMW

BMWs are built to last. These amazing cars have been known to get their owners from A to B (and C, D, E, etc.) for longer than anyone ever expects to own a single car. BMWs are manufactured with top quality materials and are reliable, high-performance, luxury driving machines. That said, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your BMW for years to come.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your BMW

1. Stay on schedule.

Here’s what we mean by staying on schedule:

  • Regular oil changes. Whenever it’s recommended for your BMW, do it. That includes oil filter replacements. And be sure to use the type of motor oil recommended for your model.
  • Air filter replacement. This helps keep things running smoothly.
  • Fluids top off. Coolant, washer fluid, fuel injection fluid, and more — all these keep your car running smoothly.
  • Brake inspections. Regular brake and brake pad inspections, and getting repairs or replacements when needed will help prevent very costly repairs and also keep you from a very serious safety hazard.
  • Periodic multi-point inspections. Have your trusted mechanic make sure everything looks great.

2. Keep the gas tank filled.

Obviously, your gas tank can’t be full at all times. But do your best to not let your gas tank get below 1/4 tank. Reason being that over time, particles and debris build up in your fuel tank, and when you run low on gas, that debris becomes more concentrated. As you get closer to empty, more and more of that debris is pulled into the fuel line and contaminates it.

Another reason to keep your gas tank filled has to do with your fuel pump. The fuel pump sends gasoline from the fuel tank to the engine. It’s basically a small electric motor, and it generates a lot of heat. If a motor becomes too hot, it will eventually fail. Cars rely on fluids to help offset the heat produced, and gasoline is no exception.

3. Check your tires often.

We’ve talked about the importance of tire pressure to not only your safety, but also to your car’s longevity. Tire pressure changes seasonally and when the weather changes, so check it often. Also take a look at your tires’ tread and make sure it looks like wear is distributed evenly. Uneven wear can indicate a tire pressure issue — or worse, an alignment problem.

4. Wash it regularly.

Car washes clear dirt and debris from your BMW’s exterior, preventing scratches and erosion of the paint. Obviously clean windows and mirrors help with visibility which keeps you safer while driving, especially at night. Vacuuming and spot-cleaning the interior keeps your car looking and smelling good for years to come. And cleaning the undercarriage ensures the removal of dirt and debris that could damage critical components of your BMW.

All these things not only boost the car’s resale value, but they preserve its lifespan as well.

5. Drive smart.

Erratic driving, revving the engine, fast turns, slamming on the brakes — while they might make you feel cool, only serve to accelerate the wear and tear of your beloved BMW. Drive smart, be cautious and conservative behind the wheel. Your car will thank you. And so will your wallet (fewer tickets AND repairs!).